The Beauty of the Gospel.

You don’t get to decide who God loves.

The beauty of the Gospel is that it is available to everyone. God doesn’t discriminate. 

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Hey, Pornhub. We’re Not Buying It. 

Yesterday, the massive online porn site Pornhub unveiled their first big money billboard in New York City’s legendary Times Square. (By the way, ad space in Times Square can cost up to $2 million. We looked it up.) 

The ad, created by the winner of Pornhub’s ad campaign contest, features a hand forming a heart over the site’s logo and the bold text, “ALL YOU NEED IS HAND.” The site then filmed a video underneath the billboard of a hired choir of men and women singing a twisted rendition of The Beatles’ popular hit song, “All You Need Is Love,” but replacing the word “love” with “hand”.

Yes, this ad was the winner of a real contest held by Pornhub. There were thousands of people who submitted their ideas for non-pornographic ads promoting the site. A few months ago, we wrote a blog post titled, ‘Pornhub Vs. #PornKillsLove’, that went on to reach over a million people on Facebook. In the post, we took some of the disturbing contest ads and remade them from the REAL perspective:



That was our response to Pornhub’s ongoing attempt to normalize porn. And they are still going at it in a way that people might not realize right away.

Think about if you wanted to sell people a product that was harmful and addictive. What would you do?

First, you would want go to great lengths to show people that what you’re selling is NOT harmful, that it is normal and acceptable. You would want to camouflage the true nature of what you are selling so that people would see it as just any another product. You would try and bend your message to make it seem like something other than it really is.

Well this is exactly what Pornhub is doing.

Pornhub is now placing these non-offensive ads in the public eye, painting a harmless picture of the harmful material they are making millions of dollars off of every day: porn. 

But what Pornhub (and the porn industry as a whole) would like you to think, and what porn really is, are two very different things.

Pornhub wants you to think that their site is just a simple way to love yourself. This unsuspecting ad is not immediately offensive and seems to be promoting a care free ideal that you are all you need.

But here’s what Pornhub is really saying through this ad:

- You don’t need love. You don’t need a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or any other personal human connection to be fulfilled. 

- You don’t need healthy and committed sexuality, you just need yourself and a computer screen.

- Your sexual pleasure and desires are what’s most important. And if that means going outside of a committed relationship to satisfy yourself, then no problem.

And last but most importantly:

- Porn is normal, harmless, and even encouraged. Everyone does it and it’s not a big deal.

Make no mistake: porn is not normal. Porn is not harmless. Porn acts like a drug addicting its users, damaging relationships, and harming society as a whole. But ads like this - subtly (or in cases like this, not-so-subtly) injected into the mainstream and placed amongst advertisements for soft drinks and food chains - begin to normalize people’s perception of porn.

If we didn’t have all the overwhelming facts and personal accounts of how harmful porn really is, we might just say that these guys are pretty smart. But just like giant tobacco companies that seek to make smoking look cool and in turn get lifelong customers, we see Pornhub for what it really is.

Call To Action!

If you aren’t cool with money hungry corporations like Pornhub pushing these harmful ideas down society’s throat, share this article and share THIS ad that we made, telling the truth about love:


Save this photo and SHARE if you Fight for LOVE! Take a stand and show people that LOVE is worth it!



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Status: Rain! :)

Older person on Facebook: Us too, so badly needed as well. Tell your mom I said hi. How is the family? Tell everyone hi from us. We miss you all so much. Wish we could be there. You're a beautiful young woman.

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And in addition to the questions…

I have so many thoughts I want to share with my church. Thoughts on human sexuality, the inerrancy of Scripture, the presence of God, gender roles, Buddhist Psychology, etc., but I feel like many people will shut them out, and not want to hear them: and ultimately I will lose the respect and the voice I’ve had as a leader in my church.

We can believe some different things and still be the body of Christ. But that means we have to respect the breadth of differences in perspectives. Everyone understands theology through their own personal and cultural lenses. I’ve heard and respected your views for years. Please respect mine…

…whoever is reading this. I put a lot of hard work into my beliefs.

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In Christianity, we say it’s ok to have questions and doubts, and that’s normal.

But we don’t give you space within the church to do that. We tell you exactly how things are. It would help if we used vocabulary like “I believe ____ because ___, but I understand that other people believe _____ because ____.”

Try to use language that lets people know they can share their questions around you.

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8.1.14 Dance Party Playlist

Because someone said “you should make this playlist available”, and I want people to have access for it when they fill out my post-dance-party survey.

Lorde Team

Britney Spears (feat. Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha) ‘Til the World Ends (Remix)

Katy Perry (feat. Juicy J) Dark Horse

JAY Z & Kanye West Ni**as in Paris

B.o.B (feat. Lil Wayne) Strange Clouds


Twenty One Pilots House of Gold

Passion Pit  Little Secrets

Muse Madness

Twenty One Pilots Holding On To You

Paramore Still Into You

Florence + The Machine Dog Days Are Over

Panic! At the Disco This Is Gospel

Fall Out Boy Sugar, We’re Going Down

Atlas Genius Trojans

Cupid Cupid Shuffle

The Killers Human

The All-American Rejects Move Along

Grouplove Tongue Tied

Charli XCX Boom Clap

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. ScHool Q, Hollis) White Walls

Blink-182 All The Small Things

The Postal Service Such Great Heights

Hellogoodbye (Here) In Your Arms

Twenty One Pilots Car Radio

OneRepublic All The Right Moves

Birds of Tokyo Lanterns

Avicii Wake Me Up

Coldplay A Sky Full of Stars

Gavin DeGraw Best I Ever Had

Pachelbel Canon in D

Chubby Checker The Twist

Ariana Grande (feat. Iggy Azalea) Problem

Say Anything Do Better

M83 Midnight City


Elbow One Day Like This

The Village People YMCA

New Politics Harlem

The Naked and Famous Young Blood

Of Monsters and Men Little Talks

The Killers Mr. Brightside

Imagine Dragons Bleeding Out

Linkin Park Waiting for the End

Switchfoot Awakening

Bleachers I Wanna Get Better

Panic! At the Disco Nine In the Afternoon

Jack’s Mannequin Dark Blue

Passion Pit Take A Walk

Young the Giant My Body

Florida Georgia Line (feat. Nelly) Cruise (Remix)

We Came As Romans Glad You Came

Innerpartysystem Last Night in Brooklyn

Katy Perry E.T.

Keri Hilson Knock You Down

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Ray Dalton) Can’t Hold Us

Tegan and Sara Closer

Twenty One Pilots Migraine

fun. Some Nights

Twenty One Pilots Trees

Twenty One Pilots Guns for Hands

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Paper Route

Thanks to me, the lead singer of the band “Paper Route” just tweeted the word “irection”. Yes, it was spelled that way on purpose. You are welcome, world.

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